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The Dixie Chicks are an American country music band which has also crossed over into other genres. The band is composed of founding members (and sisters) Martie Erwin Maguire and Emily Erwin Robison, and lead singer Natalie Maines. The band formed in 1989 in Dallas, Texas and was originally composed of four women performing bluegrass and country music, busking and touring the bluegrass festival circuits and small venues for six years without attracting a major label. After the departure of one bandmate, the replacement of their lead singer, and a slight change in their repertoire, the Dixie Chicks soon achieved commercial success, beginning in 1998 with hit songs "There's Your Trouble" and "Wide Open Spaces".

During a London concert ten days before the 2003 invasion of Iraq, lead vocalist Maines said, "we don't want this war, this violence, and we're ashamed that the President of the United States [George W. Bush] is from Texas". The positive reaction to this statement from the British audience contrasted with the boycotts that ensued in the U.S., where the band was assaulted by talk-show conservatives, while their albums were discarded in public protest.

As of 2012, the Dixie Chicks had won 13 Grammy Awards, including five in 2007 for Taking the Long Way—which received the Grammy Award for Album of the Year—and "Not Ready to Make Nice", a single from that album. By February 2013, with 30.5 million certified albums sold, and sales of 27 million albums in the U.S. alone, they had become the top selling all-female band, and biggest selling country group in the U.S. during the Nielsen SoundScan era.

The Dixie Chicks
Background information
OriginDallas, Texas
United States
GenresCountry, bluegrass, country rock
Years active1989–present
LabelsOpen Wide, Columbia
Associated actsCourt Yard Hounds
MembersNatalie Maines
Emily Robison
Martie Maguire
Past membersLaura Lynch
Robin Lynn Macy
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