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      • Dec 04 2012

      From Wikipedia - RingsRead Full From Wikipedia

      A planetary ring is a disk or ring of dust, moonlets, or other small objects orbiting a planet or similar body. The most notable planetary rings in the Solar System are those around Saturn, but the other three gas giants (Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune) also possess ring systems.

      On 26 March 2014 was announced the discovery of rings around the minor planet Chariklo during the observation of a stellar occultation on 3 June 2013. Reports in March 2008 have suggested that the Saturnian moon Rhea may have its own tenuous ring system, which would make it the only moon known to possess a ring system. A later study published in 2010 revealed that imaging of Rhea from the Cassini mission was inconsistent with the predicted properties of the rings, suggesting that some other mechanism is responsible for the magnetic effects that had led to the ring hypothesis. Pluto is not known to have any ring systems, though the New Horizons probe might find a ring system when it visits in 2015.